Limited Edition Ladurée serie

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Expected delivery time: 4 days

In celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Sonny Angel has teamed up with " Ladurée ", 
the renowned Parisian pâtisserie founded in 1862. 
There was a strong demand for the Pâtisserie Series
and the long-awaited collection is finally here
in collaboration with the world-famous Pastry Shop Ladurée. 
There are 12 lovely angels with Ladurée Signature,
6 are wearing the famous macarons, and 6 are with the beautiful pastries.
In addition, there will be an entirely new secret version. 
These Sonny Angel are the most beautiful and sophisticated ever!

This Limited Edition serie is only available for a few weeks !!!
If you want to make sure you get the whole series you have to buy 12 !
Sonny Angel Kewpie Dolls are sold in a blind box (a box with no indication of what is inside), there are 12 to collect in every series.
So far there are 8 different themed series that we have available on the site!
The secret one is rare so you might get one or you might not. If you do get a secret kewpie you will get a special animal that is not on the list here. Might be one of the animals but in a special colour or a new animal all together!