Limited Edition Christmas 2013

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Expected delivery time: 3 Weeks

Pre-order your own Limited Edition Christmas Sonny Angel now.
Every year arround the holidays Sonny Angel brings out an amazingly cute series ...
And they can be yours !
If you order now the shipment is planned at the beginning of November.
Ofcourse you can also buy a complete box so you will be sure to have the whole collection.

Sonny Angel Kewpie Dolls are sold in a blind box (a box with no indication of what is inside), there are 12 to collect in every series.
So far there are 8 different themed series that we have available on the site!
The secret one is rare so you might get one or you might not. If you do get a secret kewpie you will get a special animal that is not on the list here. Might be one of the animals but in a special colour or a new animal all together!